From 2010 to 2014: 22 maternity clinics have been distributed throughout the country and one pediatric hospital has been supported.


In 2015: 67 Obstetric Care Structures and Neonatal Emergency (SONU) were evaluated by the OPALS teams in partnership with UNFPA.

17 maternity clinics distributed Throughout the country and one pediatric hospital “Living in hope and pediatrics” Dapaong


Togo HAS Major Regional Disparities in access to basic health services, antenatal care and births Attended by skilled personnel. According To WHO, in 2015 the maternal mortality rate in Togo is around 300 Deaths per 100 000 births (50 times the European average). In response, Togo lancé since September 2010, the “Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa” themed “No woman shoulds die Giving life.”


The mortality rate of 0 to 5 years is still high of 78%, or 19 times That of France. Food insecurity is endemic: 28% of children under 5 HAD growth retardation Because of malnutrition.


The main indicators related to HIV / AIDS are of concern:
• The national prevalence is Estimated at 2.9%, higher Than That of Neighboring countries.
• As in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, women are more affected than men. In Lome, the capital, the prevalence Among pregnant women Was about 9% in 2011. Fortunately, we made progress. In 2015, Among 520 HIV + pregnant women, 100% of women Systematically Were the carried ART (the 2014 rate Was 64%)
• Access to antiretroviral triple therapy (ART) for children is still very inadequate.


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OPALS, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, supports the Strengthening of maternal and child health program, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV and pediatric treatment of HIV.

INITIALLY in 2007 at six locations in Lome, 6 websites –other Were integrated in 2010 with the aim of decentralizing PMTCT and care of pediatric HIV.

Since 2013, OALS extends ict shares to 15 new maternity clinics and one pediatric hospital.
In 2014, a partnership with UNFPA HAS allowed us to evaluate-67 structures Care Obstetrical and Neonatal Emergency (SONU).

Some numbers:

PMTCT activities in 17 maternity Hospitals supported:
In 2015,
• 19.332 women gave birth in contention centers
• CPN1 11.552 and 36, 496 CPN Were Conducted year average of 3.15 consultations per pregnant woman.
• The race of CPN1, 8780 HIV tests Were Performed, 76.6% of patients cam consult CPN1, Compared to the national level That is 79%
• 456 children born to HIV + mothers-have seen the 6-week consultation
• 126,500 children Were Vaccinated (stable Compared to 2014)
• 2001 cases of tuberculosis-have-been Reported . HIV testing Was done at more than 100% of Them. Of the 606 new cases of tuberculosis Diagnosed, 42% are co-infected with HIV.

Activities in the pediatric hospital “Living in hope and pediatrics” Dapaong:
• In 2014, the active File was 1183 adults and 163 HIV + children. 4776 HIV Were the carried out consultations. 582 adults and 93 children are on ART. Were received 107 children, Hospitalized and Treated for malnutrition.
• In 2015, the active file is 11874 adults and 893 HIV + children. 520 adults and 456 children are on ART.