OPALS, a pioneering organization in the fight against HIV/AIDS

OPALS (Pan African Organization for the fight against AIDS) was created in 1988 by physicians dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS since the emergence of the epidemic. The association aimed to put the treatments available in the north, at the disposal of the south. To do this, the establishment of a network of Outpatient Treatment Centre (CTA) was initiated in 1994 in Brazzaville (Congo).

1998: CTA are among the first structures to deliver triple antiretroviral treatment (ART) in Africa.


Photo : Canalplus © William Dupuy

Photo : Canalplus © William Dupuy

Partnership OPALS/ French Red Cross

In 1998, Pr. Marc Gentilini, president and founder of OPALS, became president of the French Red Cross. That same year OPALS and the French Red Cross signed a framework agreement designed to optimize their interventions against AIDS in Africa, particularly through the development of CTA.

End of 2006: 10 CTA, divided into sub-Saharan Africa, are functional. 30,000 patients in care are there, about a third receiving antiretroviral triple therapy.


OPALS reinforces the Health of Mother and Child

2006: OPALS adopts a new strategy to protect future generations and develops new programs for the benefit of the mother and child.

2011: Following the General Assembly of the OPALS May 25, 2011, our association is now called “Pan African Organization for Health”. The programs are geared toward improving the health of the mother and child.