Ethical Charter


OPALS is a non profit international solidarity medical organization independent of any political or religious affiliation.


OPALS is active in countries and among populations without discrimination of any kind, be it on the basis of sex, ethnic group, political, religious, cultural or other affiliation.


OPALS acts in the name of the right to health care, respect for the fundamental rights of human beings and the international convention on the rights of the child.


OPALS’ objective is to improve the health of populations, especially for the Mother and Child, in the world at large and in Africa in particular.


According to these principles, OPALS :


-is committed to working for the promotion of prevention, for more widespread access to better quality treatment, and for supporting grassroots psycho-social actions which are implemented locally by health centers, social networks and civil society for the benefit of the Mother, Child and people living with HIV/AIDS ;


-is committed to providing better access to health care in general and ensuring medical care in accordance with internationally recognized medical best practices;


-is committed to promoting the respect of human rights, especially for people living with HIV/AIDS.



OPALS acts in coherence with and as a complement to national health policies and national policies against HIV/AIDS, health professionals working within public and private health structures, local civil society and international stakeholders in the field of solidarity and Health.  OPALS’ strategy relies on co-development and the promotion of public health.



Operations Report 2016